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Why choose us

Why choose an Achilli product?


Wide product range

In many years of developments, we have designed a full range of machines that are able to satisfy the working requirements of the stone professionals. Our models cover various market areas, from floor laying to grinding, from cutting tiles and construction materials to CNC solutions for kitchen and vanity top processing.

This all-round experience in our industry allows us to find good and effective solutions every day, offer fabricators the proper and suitable piece of equipment from the start of their business, working with them side by side in every new challenge.


Tailored solutions

Stone professionals are not all the same. Each one has specific needs based on experience, traditions that are typical of the market he operates in and the fab shop where he works. That’s why we focused on a tailor-made design.

Variety of solutions allows not only to pick the model that best meets customer requirements, but also choose, from a wide range of optional accessories, the ones that best suit the production.

Our experts will help customer step by step configure his machine with the most suitable features that will best fit his specific working needs.


Know how

Continuous research and close cooperation with our customers have allowed us to design and implement new creative and cutting-edge solutions, featuring the latest automation and industrial technology.

The technical knowledge developed in over 70 years of manufacture allows us to carry out a careful selection of suppliers, in order to get components and materials that guarantee the production of extremely robust, high quality and long-lasting machines.

Our goal has always been to reduce maintenance and need of parts to a minimum, in order to avoid downtimes as much as possible.


Made in Achilli design and production

Each project is studied and designed by our technicians. Most of the production and assembling work is carried out in our premises, while components that cannot be manufactured internally are outsourced with local artisans who produce based on our projects and designs.

This permits to keep control over the entire production cycle and to get to know each single component thoroughly, so as to promptly correct any errors and critical issues. This system guarantees customer can get complete technical support and ensures parts availability for many years after purchase.


Always on your side

Our technical and commercial staff supports customer from purchase to after-sale for the entire life of the machinery.

In addition to our internal technicians, a network of international dealers with specifically trained technical staff will guarantee on-site maintenance and assistance all the way.

Every machine is manufactured in a monobloc design and shipped fully assembled and factory-set. Most of the products are "plug and play" thus they only require electrical and water hook-up to start working. For the more advanced models we provide installation and training on site by an Achilli technician.